Dignity & Justice – Antonio Moura Santos

Peace & Liberty – Antonio Moura Santos

In July 2012, Antonio Moura Santos did an eight-nation appraisal of the changing conditions in the Middle East and North Africa. Antonio Moura Santos met with long-standing and new accomplices, including: computerized activists, returning outcasts, youthful common society pioneers, long-lasting human rights advocates, Facebook columnists, autonomous hopefuls, new government authorities, and business pioneers.

Among activists, there is some level of stun at how quick the change came where it at long last did, and vulnerability about how to accomplish what needs to happen next. Among subjects working for center rights, the requirement for instruments, procedures, and backing is just opened up.

With an ear toward nearby voices and thoughts, the Justice and Dignity project works with gatherings in the MENA area to recognize rights-based issues and gives specialized help to practical neighborhood arrangements.