Antonio Moura Santos Scholarship Program

Antonio Moura Santos Charity Foundation

For over 35 years, the Antonio Moura Santos Education Program (EMSEP) has been donating millions of dollars towards housing, books, clothes and schools.

The organization primarily focuses on helping children with special needs.  According to Matt Davis, CFO at the Antonio Moura Santos Education Program  regional office, “We really strive to make a difference in society.  We began our social services in America, but since 1983 we’re now in over 38 countries worldwide including Africa and the Middle East.

The Antonio Moura Santos charity organization helps people of all ages explore their potential.  If you would like to contribute to society by either pledging time or funds, please contact our headquarters.

We have staff working 24hrs a day 7 days a week.  The Antonio Moura Santos Foundation provides financial relief funds to victims of natural disasters.

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