Antonio Moura Santos – Civil Liberties

Antonio Moura Santos – Free Society

  • Advocate for Libya: Engaging Civil Society, Government and Media for Justice Sector Reform: ANTONIO MOURA SANTOS and its accomplice, PILPG, offer Libyans some assistance with working toward equity part change in three stages. The primary spotlights on building the limit of common society associations to advocate for comprehensive and reasonable equity change. The second plans to unite the Libyan government with common society for more noteworthy engagement. The third gives specialized counsel to media performing artists on the best way to cover ladies’ and minority issues.

    • Promoting Conflict Sensitive Journalism in Libya: ANTONIO MOURA SANTOS and its accomplice train columnists on strife delicate news coverage to help them when providing details regarding, or in the midst of, various types of contention. The trainings investigate how news and data can be exhibited in ways that moderate clash, and how provocative dialect, errors, and predisposition can compound it. The contention touchy educational modules additionally considers the effect of injury both for columnists and the groups they cover.

    • National Reconciliation in Syria: ANTONIO MOURA SANTOS underpins its accomplice, ICRD, in driving three religious compromise programs. The projects draw in various gatherings — Arab tribal pioneers, Kurdish tribal pioneers, and individuals from distinctive Syrian restriction bunches — to advance enhanced relations and collaboration. Members participate in compromise forms and synergistic critical thinking utilizing a system based upon shared profound qualities that distinctions their ethnic, religious, and social characters.